By Ariana Bacle
July 27, 2014 at 09:48 PM EDT

The Walking Dead might seem like a serious show, but it’s getting a sitcom makeover next season: “It has like a Martin slash Three’s Company feel,” star Danai Gurira deadpanned to EW at Comic-Con.

As you can probably guess, The Walking Dead is most likely not getting a laugh track anytime soon, but the cast was happy to elaborate on some rumors that the show would become more light-hearted when they stopped by the EW Hideout. Lauren Cohan, Norman Reedus, Michael Cudlitz, Steven Yeun, and Gurira also joked about potential Comic-Con disguises and more unlikely Walking Dead scenarios—like picnics.

Watch the recently released season-five trailer for yourself, then watch their interview to compare notes. Moral of the story: Don’t trust anything the cast says.

Entertainment Weekly: We are here with the Beatles of Comic-Con, the cast of The Walking Dead. Hello, everybody. You just came from your panel, right?

Lauren Cohan: Yesterday, we were at the panel.

How’s it felt this year compared to previous years?

LC: The panel we did this morning actually was awesome. It was a really small panel, it was really [unintelligible] and directive. They’re always great, but that was a new addition. We felt so much closer to the fans this year. I think we’ve had a lot more, I don’t know, a lot more direct…

Norman Reedus: We went casual this year too. We decided to have fun and be ourselves. It’s been a blast, this one.

The other half of the cast was in here earlier, and I asked them the same question. The rumors going around the Con are that this is the most light-hearted, feel-good season of the Walking Dead yet. 

LC: [Laughs]

It’s been described as a light-hearted romp. That’s what the rumor is. Can you guys confirm?

Danai Gurira: Yes, we’ll go with that.

Michael Cudlitz: It’s definitely the funniest season that I’ve been a part of. [Laughs]

DG: It has like a Martin slash Three’s Company feel.

Steven Yeun: You know that Rosesanne, like season 8 or something?

Where she won the lottery?

SY: Yeah. [unintelligible]

I think the laugh track’s going to be a little weird, but I think you guys will be able to work with it. 

LC: There’s so many more picnics. We don’t have a blanket for every picnic, but we definitely found some great picnic baskets and we have like just some really cute recipes we hadn’t brought to the…

Cute survivalist recipes?

LC: It’s tasty.

DG: Squirrel phallus. Really good.

LC: How’s that one? With the balsamic glaze.

DG: And a little bit of cilantro.

How do you guys walk around here? You don’t, right?

LC: I just do one leg. I usually alternate them. [Laughs]

Now we’ve got the literal way you’re walking . You’ve gotta get swarmed everywhere you go, right?

NR: We haven’t really walked around here. We haven’t really done it this year. We did it last year. Let’s do it again.

SY: Get some masks going.

DG: These two do the masks and do their thing.

And you just go out, al fresco?

NR: In the nude?

LC: Yeah, in picnic…

SY: Yeah, I guess that’s the best way they wouldn’t know us is if we’re all ass-naked, but… with the masks. There seems to be a lot more people kind of just around where we’re headed, and it’s really cool. Like last year, we saw some people waiting out for autographs and this year there’s a lot of people waiting out for autographs. and it’s cool because it just means that fans are jumping onto the show more and more and it’s progressing.

And next season, there’s no time jump, we’re just starting right up…

LC: No, it’s 45 seconds.

45 seconds? So not too much time has elapsed then, so we won’t be that confused.

MC: A lot can happen in 45 seconds.

That’s true, that’s true. You come back in October? October 12.

SY: Is that right, October 12?

DG: That’s what it says in the trailer.

SY: Oh. I didn’t watch that.

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