By Darren Franich
July 25, 2014 at 06:00 PM EDT
DC Comics

Grant Morrison has spent much of his career in comic books sketching out the farthest reaches of the comic cosmos, taking iconic characters like Batman and Superman far beyond our fragile borders of space and time. And the upcoming Multiversity takes Morrison’s fascination with alternate realities to its logical apex. Comprising six adventures set in different parallel universes—along with a two-part framing story and a guidebook to the DC Multiverse—it’s a trippy saga that features iconic variations on the major DC characters: a vampire Justice League, a fascist Superman, and (naturally) Dino-Cop.

In advance of the book’s August debut, DC Comics is unveiling Multiversity at Comic-Con today, in a panel called “The Multiversity Enrollment.” Morrison will be on hand for the panel, which starts at 3 PM San Diego time in room 6DE. Comic-Con attendees will get a look at the extensive map of the multiverse that Morrison put together to keep track of all the divergent dimensions. But you can get a close look at the map of the multiverse right now by clicking here. For added fun, scroll down to compare Morrison’s original sketch of the multiverse with the final product. Watch out for the Overvoid.