By Miles Raymer
Updated July 25, 2014 at 03:41 PM EDT
Credit: Pooneh Ghana

In a pop landscape that’s becoming increasingly dominated by synthesizers, Chicago has emerged as a bastion of good old-fashioned guitar rock. Underage quintet the Orwells are currently at the movement’s forefront, but right behind them are another young group from the Windy City: Twin Peaks. Earlier this year they toured with the Orwells, and recently they played the Pitchfork Music Festival.

The momentum Twin Peaks have been accumulating is about to get a big boost with the release of their second album, Wild Onion (out August 5 on Grand Jury), which is packed with sugary-sweet, jangly hooks and an endearing sort of reckless post-adolescent attitude. (Front man Cadien Lake James played Pitchfork in a wheelchair due to a shenanigans-related injury.)

EW reached out to the band members and asked them to put together a playlist, and bassist/singer Jack Dolan delivered one imaginatively titled “Jack’s Catchy Jams,” complete with commentary on each selection.

Lee “Scratch” Perry – “Dreadlocks in Moonlight”

“Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry is the king. All of his songs are f–kin’ on point. Listen to that slapback on the drums. Sick. I never really knew where that dub style came from until I was reading about him and the Clash working together. Listen to all of his music ASAP.”

Harlem – “Gay Human Bones”

“This is the catchiest fuckin’ song I’ve heard in rock ‘n’ roll in a while. That riff will make you swoon. Harlem is the coolest. I wanna be like them.”

Kendrick Lamar – “Blow My High”

“This song is a van classic. The meaning is essentially ‘Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe’ but with the added shouts to some homies we lost (Aaliyah, Left Eye, Pimp C). Makes for a pretty dope song to feel yourself to.”

Cloud Nothings – “Psychic Trauma”

“I love this band. Favorite band right now. I love how much emotion is in all of his songs and how goddamn talented they all are. Shred shred shred to this one.”

Nirvana – “Territorial Pissings”

“Another shredder. This dude was so unbelievably honest and real and scary! That scream still echoes around the world. RIP Kurt.”

Future – “Turn On the Lights”

“Catchiest dude in hip-hop! Move over, Drake. I’m obsessed with Future, every hook, chorus, verse. This is a particularly dope banger.”

Paul McCartney & Wings – “Band On the Run”

“Another van classic. Speaks for us pretty well because I feel like we’re always a band on the run these days. Plus all those beautiful parts. Man we love Paul, that’s for sure.”

The Clash – “Train in Vain”

“Debatably the best song on the planet. Shouts out to Lee “Scratch” again for the influence. It oozes old school dub/reggae in a way. A real rock ‘n’ roll way.”

Beastie Boys – “Intergalactic”

“Another group of dudes I think we aspire to be like. Their dynamic was unstoppable. Listen to that energy. Ugh. Hip-hop perfection.”

ABBA – “Dancing Queen”

“If you need to know why I picked this song to be on a playlist you need to go get your fuckin head checked. Everyone who truly loves music loves ABBA. They were like the fuckin disco Beatles! I could go on forever about ABBA, or you could just sit down and turn on Gold and enjoy the pure pop bliss.”

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