Superman Lives Documentary
Credit: Superman Lives Documentary

Remember that time Nicolas Cage was going to be Superman?

In the long period between 1987’s Superman IV: The Quest for Peace and 2006’s Superman Returns, the Man of Steel was stuck in development hell, with several projects failing to launch. Of those projects, one of the strangest was 1996’s Superman Lives!, an adaptation of the Death and Return of Superman written by Kevin Smith (who has talked about this project before) and directed by Tim Burton.

Filmmaker Jon Schnepp has spent the past year making a Kickstarter-funded documentary on the failed project. In an effort to raise more funds to complete post-production on the film, Schnepp has released a trailer of his nearly finished documentary.

The trailer displays a remarkable level of access—just about everyone with a major role to play in production is featured in interviews, including director Tim Burton. Also displayed are a number of production assets, including concept art, costumes, and test footage.

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