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Danny Trejo is an American treasure. At age 70, the star of Machete and Machete Kills (and possibly a third installment entitled Machete Kills Again… in Space) still projects the same inimitable badass vibes he’s been bringing to the screen since he broke into the business with 1985’s Runaway Train.

Which keeps him in high demand. Along with his usual packed schedule of projects, he recently starred in the video for “Angel in Blue Jeans,” the folk-pop-inflected lead single from Train’s upcoming album, Bulletproof Picasso, which includes a truly uncanny moment where he lip-syncs lead singer Pat Monahan’s part.

Trejo, who’s as affable offscreen as he is intimidating when he’s in character, talked to EW about the experience.

DANNY TREJO: What’s up boss?

EW: Not much. How are you?

I’m great. I just finished a little film called No Way Out that was a lot of fun. I was kind of the lead in it.

You’re keeping busy.

I try to.

So tell me how this Train video came about.

Oh yeah—it’s awesome, holmes. You know what? That band was really, really cool. I’d heard of them before, and when they asked me to do it I said “absolutely.” It came out really good. All my friends say, we didn’t know you could sing!

Yeah, what was it like to watch the video and hear Pat Monahan’s voice coming out of your mouth?

[Laughs] The minute I open my mouth everyone screams.

It’s really trippy! Tell me what the shoot was like.

The shoot was hot. We were out in the desert. But we kept it going. We shot all day. It was so funny, they were all worried about asking me, can you ride a motorcycle? I’ve been riding a motorcycle since I was about 12!

You’ve been in some music videos before. Do you like doing them?

I love doing them. I love doing them because I meet a completely different bunch of people than in the movie business. A lot of the rock stars are really a lot of fun.

What kind of music do you usually listen to?

I listen to more oldies, you know, a lot of hip-hop. I love Baby Bash’s music. “Suga sugar how you get so fly?” Any kind of music, I don’t care.


Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC

Pat Monahan’s singing has never seemed so tough and rugged.

Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC

The ladies obviously cannot get enough Danny Trejo.

Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC

Danny Trejo always gets his woman.

Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC

On behalf of everyone who’s heard “Drops of Jupiter (Tell Me)” a million times too many: Thank you, Danny Trejo.

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