Mockingbird 01

What’s better than seeing Patton Oswalt at Comic-Con? How about two Patton Oswalts. Or even better than that: Two Patton Oswalts revealing a new Marvel character to be introduced next season on Agents of SHIELD.

Below is an EW exclusive video that just played at Marvel’s TV panel at the San Diego fan convention where Oswalt — as his recent SHIELD guest-star role of Agent Koenig — reveals that next season SHIELD will add…

Barbara Morse — aka Mockingbird! For fans of the comics, she’s a SHIELD field agent who used the costumed identity of the Huntress and also Mockingbird (comics image below). Check out the video from Oswalt to the SHIELD fans in Ballroom 20 and there’s more to come from Marvel’s TV panel at Comic-Con…updates to come…

At the panel, the SHIELD team also confirmed some castings: Lucy Lawless (Spartacus) is joining the show as Isabelle Hartley, Nick Blood will play a mercenary named Lance Hunter who helps with the SHIELD team and Reed Diamond (Moneyball) will play season 2’s big bad Daniel Whitehall, a Hydra villain known as Kraken. Bonus: There was also a SHIELD gag reel, check that out here.

Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC