By Jake Perlman
July 24, 2014 at 11:27 PM EDT
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Herds of screaming girls and men proudly wearing “Part Wolf” shirts howled like crazy for Tyler Posey, Dylan O’Brien, and other cast members of Teen Wolf during the supernatural hit’s Comic-Con panel this year. Though the cast was at times slightly distracted by their own image on the large video screens surrounding them—and their own poop jokes—the MTV stars provided some good scoop about the show’s current fourth season and future alongside series executive producer Jeff Davis. Well, that was after Posey decided to cartwheel onto the stage. “I think I broke my toe,” he admitted. Here are some highlights:

• The biggest and most exciting news came from Davis at the beginning of the panel, when he not only announced that the show had been renewed for a fifth season, but would also be 20 episodes long—eight more than the current season 4 order. Though there was little doubt about the show’s return, Davis commented on some of the tonal changes that the series has been going through this season, citing Steven Spielberg’s E.T. as inspiration. “[It goes] back to human problems as oppose to creating another mythology or a creature,” he said. A quick turnaround between seasons 3 and 4 and a holiday conversation with Davis’ brothers made him remember some of the “classic single mother” stories that reminded him of his own childhood, which he wanted to replicate in the show. However, when asked if any of the characters were based on real people, Davis answered, “Um… not really,” clarifying that most of the characters are inspired by the person he wanted to be in high school.

• There seems to be a rule that you either need to be named Tyler or Dylan to star on Teen Wolf. And all four guys—Tyler Posey, Tyler Hoechlin, Dylan O’Brien, and Dylan Sprayberry—had plenty to share about what else they all have in common. Newcomer Sprayberry fit right into the pack with his older cast members, so much so that Posey took a moment to pronounce his love for ‘Lil Dyl Spray’ and asked to marry him. Sprayberry’s character Liam, who will be promoted to series regular next season, “starts to learn he’s okay being a werewolf but not a hero,” according to Davis. O’Brien, however, proved to be slightly more popular during the Q&A section of the panel. After being told that he was perfect, a young fan got too emotional to actually ask a question and broke out in tears. O’Brien then gave the young girl his name tag and a hug, though was scolded by security for the latter.

• The girl probably most envied by everyone in Ballroom 20 was Shelley Henning, who plays Malia, the complicated love interest of O’Brien’s character Stiles. Davis said that Shelley had a “very good sense of humor and comic timing,” which she was able to show after Posey asked her if she thought their characters had sex on the show. “NO! Sex is bad!” she exclaimed, to some groans in the room. “I’m just trying to appeal to the younger audience!” Davis hinted that Stiles and Malia’s relationship will have a rocky road ahead as a “certain secret about her parentage comes out” and confirmed to fans that “you have not seen the last of Danny,” played by Keahu Kahuanui.

• After the audience got a sneak peak at the remaining episodes of the current season, more questions were raised, mainly: How many people on this panel are getting killed? Though Davis laughed off that suggestion, he did comment that the end of the season will be filled with “a lot of decision making, a lot of character arcs coming to a finish,” and the fruition of Peter Hale’s plan. And though actor Ian Bohen wasn’t present in San Diego, his wardrobe was still a hot topic of discussion when one fan asked if he would ever stop wearing V-necks. Hoechlin replied that his shirts would likely only become deeper and wider as time goes by. However, Hoechlin was embarrassed to discover that he doesn’t really wear any shirts for the rest of the season, showing off his body in almost every remaining episode. “This is the first time I’ve seen that trailer. I guess I didn’t realize,” he said.

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