By Emily Rome
Updated July 24, 2014 at 07:35 AM EDT

The Flash (Book)

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The CW may have another fan-pleasing DC Comics adaptation on its hands with The Flash. Reactions were largely positive at a screening of the show’s pilot at Comic-Con on Wednesday, especially from fans who have already been introduced to the new character on The CW’s Arrow.

Kat, 22, of Long Beach, Calif., told EW, “I thought, ‘I’m gonna start crying!’ Just from how awesome it was. It had a really good origin story, so I’m excited to see what happens next.”

She noted, however, that “it was a little bit more campy and corny than The Arrow.” Others in the Comic-Con crowd also observed that the The Flash didn’t have the same dark, gritty feel of its sister show.

The Flash stars Grant Gustin (Glee) as the titular super-speedy crime fighter. Gustin first appeared in the role in three Arrow episodes last season, before The CW added The Flash to its fall 2014 lineup.

Seeing the pilot at Comic-Con was especially exciting for Hector, 33, of San Diego since he watched the 1990 Flash series as a kid. “My mom let me stay up till 9 o’clock to watch it,” he said. He appreciated the new series casting John Wesley Shipp, star of the 1990 show, as Barry Allen’s father. There was scattered applause among the audience when he first appeared on screen.

“There were a couple of tear-jerker moments, and the special effects were good,” Hector continued. “Special effects have come really far [since 1990], but some stuff doesn’t change. The blur doesn’t change. But the new stuff was amazing, like how they did his point of view with him blazing through the city.”

Meredith, 48, of Cary, NC, attending the con for the first time with her son, said, “I think it’s gonna be great for kids. It’s a solid story, and they gave a lot of good back story.”

Her son, Sean, 12, said, “I thought it was awesome. It looks like a really great show, and I’m definitely gonna watch the second episode. I’ve seen Arrow, so there should be some cool crossover.”

And for TV viewers less likely to tune in for the comic book history or the special effects, The Flash has something else going for it: studly star Gustin. “He’s very good-looking!” said Lauren, 25 of Fallbrook, Calif. “And he wears very cute clothes!”

The Flash premieres on Tuesday, Oct. 7.

The Flash (Book)

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