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There are many wonderful things on the internet, but sadly they aren’t set to music. And because Jimmy Fallon has made a habit of mashing up randomness and song on The Tonight Show, last night he set out to change that.

Teaming up with Josh Charles (The Good Wife) and a pair of smashing silk jackets, Fallon invited multiple Tony winner Audra McDonald to put the best (that is, highest-voted) Yahoo! Answers answers to music.

The highlights include McDonald’s take on advice on how to make sure ice cubes don’t get stuck in your throat and her response to the question “What’s your name?”

McDonald has performed this bit on Tonight before, back in March, where she delivered a jazzy take on what may be the strangest possible answer to “What are some things to do when you’re bored at home?”

In other news, my plans for Internet! The Musical are nearly complete. Now we just need to cast Kristin Chenoweth as Twitter, Idina Menzel as Tumblr, and Anne Hathaway as Bing.

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