By Tim Stack
July 24, 2014 at 09:35 PM EDT

Kiefer Sutherland joined executive producer Jon Cassar at San Diego Comic-Con to talk about the latest installment of 24, subtitled Live Another Day, and his parting thoughts on playing Jack Bauer again. Here are the highlights:

– While some expected the panel would elicit news of another installment, neither Cassar or Sutherland discussed another terrible day for Jack Bauer.

– Cassar did, however, admit that a 24 movie is still a possibility. “We’re still talking about the movie,” Cassar told the crowd in Ballroom 20. “It’s still potentially out there.”

– On shooting Live Another Day in London: Sutherland admitted it was incredibly challenging due to the city’s strict laws about firearms. “It was difficult,” said Sutherland. “They’ve got a lot of rules. The gun thing was a real issue.”

– Game of Thrones star Michelle Fairley, who played Day‘s main baddie, was originally supposed to perish via simple gunshot. But Sutherland admitted that selfishly, he wanted more of an exchange between his character and hers. So her demise became Bauer tossing Fairley’s character out of a window. “I at least wanna be able to say I worked with her,” the actor said of the scene. But he was surprised by Fairley’s athleticism. “She’s the strongest short person you’ve ever met,” he joked. “She was unbelievably strong. So by the time I chucked her out the window, I was quite happy.”

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