Cabin Fever Patient Zero

How much does Sean Astin know about disgusting infectious diseases? A lot more now than he did a few years ago, probably.

The Lord of the Rings actor can currently be seen in FX’s vampire-virus drama The Strain and is also one of the stars of Cabin Fever: Patient Zero, the third movie in the flesh-eating virus horror franchise which Eli Roth kicked off back in 2002 with his directorial debut Cabin Fever. Patient Zero itself is directed by Kaare Andrews and concerns a Caribbean vacation which goes (as is the tendency in films whose title features the words “Cabin” and “Fever”) badly awry. The movie costars Currie Graham, Lydia Hearst, and Jillian Murray and hits both theatres and iTunes on August 1.

Watch an exclusive clip from Cabin Fever: Patient Zero below.