By Dalton Ross
July 22, 2014 at 12:55 PM EDT
Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Last week we brought you an exclusive image from season 5 of The Walking Dead that likely sent shivers up the spines of Daryl Dixon fans, as the resident badass appeared gagged and bound. Now we have some more exclusive episodic images to tide you over.

In the first, we see Melissa McBride’s Carol holding an adorable baby Judith. Sooooo…good news, they’re still alive! When the season starts, that is. After that, who knows? But at least Carol is not telling Judith to “look at the flowers,” because we all know how that ends. Also, Judith does not appear to be a zombie. So that’s a positive…although she does appear to be rocking something of a devilock hairstyle. (Click on the Full Size magnifying glass tab to see a bigger high-res version of the photo.)

But wait, we’re not done. Now, let’s move onto page 2 for a look at what Rick Grimes is up to.

Ah, that steely gaze. That look that screams I used to be kind of mopey and depressed and may or may not have talked to ghosts, but now I am willing to bite out a dude’s jugular so YOU HAVE MESSED WITH THE WRONG GUY AT THE WRONG TIME! That’s the Rick Grimes we know and love — back to kicking ass. And he is still rocking the iconic fur-lined collar look from the comic book he adopted late last season. We like that too. Let’s just hope the folks at Terminus are kind enough to provide him with a razor, because that beard is looking a tad on the disheveled side.

So what’s happening here? Is Rick having a stare-off with Gareth at Terminus? Is he attempting to communicate telepathically with son Carl? Well, this much we do know: He’s out of the train car! Just look at all that abundant sunshine! Hey, at least that’s a start. We are sure to see much more footage at The Walking Dead’s big Comic-Con panel on Friday, so stay tuned for that.

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