Credit: Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Kate Hudson stopped by EW Radio’s “Bullseye” hour Tuesday to promote her new movie Wish I Was Here. Hosts Adam Markovitz, Tim Stack, and Tanner Stransky also got her chatting about so much more—dressing like a Game of Thrones Wildling last Halloween, why she gave up playing soccer, her mother Goldie Hawn’s best lines in Overboard, and her 10-year-old son Ryder’s friendship with Danny McBride. Listen to the full interview below.

Timecodes for highlights:

2:00: Hudson explains how her Halloween parties work.

5:50: She talks about her Fabletics activewear line, almost playing college soccer, and why she quit the beautiful game (she noticed the size of her muscular thighs one day and decided she had to choose between soccer and dance).

10:43: She wants to do a musical on Broadway because that was her dream as a little girl. “I thought I’d be, like, Paula Abdul,” she says. “Literally, I’d sit in my room and I’d do [Janet Jackson’s] ‘Rhythm Nation’ over and over and over again, getting all the steps down.”

13:15: She reenacts her favorite lines from Overboard and speaks lovingly of her mother’s “love, and light, and real compassion.”

16:06: She knows her 10-year-old Ryder is going to be “the fun guy” because of the way he took to Danny McBride while they were filming a movie in Morocco with Bill Murray. “Ryder goes to Danny, ‘Man, let’s just go back to the hotel and like, I’ll get a virgin piña colada, and you’ll get a regular piña colada, and we’re just gonna hang out in the pool, and we’ll just swim. It’s so hot.'”