By Mandi Bierly
July 22, 2014 at 04:32 PM EDT
Courtesy of Chris Gorham
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This week’s episode of Covert Affairs (Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on USA) continues the search for the Postman and puts Auggie (Chris Gorham), who’s in a new relationship with Hayley (Amy Jo Johnson), in the field in Paris to approach an asset with whom he has an emotional history. Annie (Piper Perabo), meanwhile, tags along as his handler and finds herself cozying up to someone as well for the sake of the mission.

Combine their efforts with the revelation that the woman Calder (Hill Harper) has been sleeping with is an escort, and it’s shaping up to be Covert Affairs‘ steamiest season. Gorham gave EW a tease of what’s ahead. (Come back to Inside TV after the episode airs for a postmortem.)

The creators told us at the beginning of the season that we’d see a return to “ladies’ man Auggie.” Was that something you were looking forward to?

It makes sense to me that coming out of how his relationship with Annie fell apart—kinda by accident, and then forced apart by circumstance—that he’s not the type of guy who’s just gonna sit back and go, “Okay, well, call me when you’re ready.” He’s just not that guy. It makes sense to me that he would find himself in new relationships. What we find out is, he ends up finding himself in an old relationship unexpectedly.

We’ve talked before about how the show has been able to use Auggie’s blindness in his will-they-won’t-they-will-they-again relationship with Annie. We watched that again last episode when he couldn’t see the look on Annie’s face when she came to thank him for hiding her heart condition in her medical records and saw Hayley with him.

That allows Annie to reveal more than she would normally: It’s safe because he can’t see it. She doesn’t have to cover everything up in front of him. I think it’s part of what’s so comfortable about being with him. But I think it’s just a great device for the show, to kinda tease the audience in that way and have it not feel like they’re being jerked around.

Now that Auggie knows about Annie’s condition, how does that affect him?

He’s concerned for her health, but he also feels that it’s her body, it’s her life, it’s her choice, and if she wants to keep doing what she’s doing and going into the field, he certainly understands that. He’s going to continue to support her any way that he can because he believes in her. Of course, you know, that belief then gets shaken when the tables get turned in this episode, and it’s now Annie’s turn to be the handler and believe in him. The choice that she makes has repercussions throughout the rest of the season.

Switching gears, what was your reaction when you found out that Calder is sleeping with an escort? That’s kind of amazing.

[Laughs] It’s kind of amazing, right? It’s great. I thought it was bold, and something that we all know happens in real life—it’s almost a cliché since Eliot Spitzer and many others. [Laughs] It’s interesting, and it makes sense for that guy. The one thing that we knew about him last season was that he’s ambitious and driven and laser-focused. How does a guy like that make time for a relationship? Well, the answer is, he doesn’t make time for a real relationship. He schedules a professional relationship in.

It’s nice to see how that will get complicated for him moving forward. And it does get very complicated.

Bonus: Here’s an exclusive sneak peek of photos Gorham took while filming on location in Paris. For a closer look at the show’s excursions, check out Covert Affairs: Mission Travel

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