By Chris Harrison
Updated July 22, 2014 at 12:00 PM EDT

You know the longer I do this show you’d think the less things would surprise me. Not so much. This Men Tell All was easily one of the strangest I’ve ever hosted, but in a really entertaining way. It all started with Ashley and JP, two people I love very much. It wasn’t enough just to catch up with them and find out what’s going on with the pregnancy and their new life together, oh no, we had to raise the bar and do a live ultrasound. When I heard we were going to attempt to pull this off I was a little skeptical, but I loved this moment. As soon as we heard that heartbeat you could really see JP and Ashley’s emotions and feel their love. It was a beautiful thing and I couldn’t be happier that they’re having a boy. I love being able to keep up with our former couples, but to have a moment like this was really fun. Seeing JP get tears in his eyes as he talked about having a son was priceless.

How incredibly good does Bachelor In Paradise look? I don’t want to go overboard and say too much, but I loved shooting this show, and it turned out even better than I had hoped. I will promise you this: Very early on in this show something happens that will absolutely blow your mind. It is easily the craziest thing I’ve ever seen take place on any of our shows. Sit back and enjoy when it all begins Aug. 4 on ABC.

I didn’t really discuss the JJ, Andrew, Marquel incident when it took place in France, and I’m still not exactly sure what to say about it now. I have no idea what Andrew said and it’s clear that JJ’s integrity is definitely in question by guys in the house. So where does that leave us? Exactly where we started, no clear answers. So, I will just say this about the entire incident: Out of all that was said on the show, Marquel articulated the best point, in my opinion, when he said “I’ll never forgive the ignorance that is racism.” As you saw we have the video of Andrew leaning over and saying something, but we don’t have the audio, so it’s impossible to know what was said unless one of the men in question changes his story, and at this point, that’s not very likely. So we will have to let this one rest where it is.

A few guys joined me in the hot seat during the show. I’ll do a quick fire with some thoughts about each of these guys and their interviews. Marquel seemed a little confused as to why he was stuck in the friend zone with Andi. He hinted that it probably should have been her that made the first move. That is exactly the reason he didn’t get out of the friend zone with her. Andi likes men that take charge and “man” up. You saw this several times throughout the season. Marcus was an interesting interview. You could see how hurt he was and that he still had feelings for Andi. He’s an incredibly sweet guy who really opened up and got his heart broken. I’m extremely excited to announce that both Marquel and Marcus will both be joining us for Bachelor In Paradise. But Marquel is going to have to step up his game, and Marcus needs to make sure he’s truly over Andi before moving on.

Chris also joined me in the hot seat, and just as with Marcus, I could tell he was hurt and a little confused as to what went wrong. He and Marcus got a little closer in their talks with Andi, but in the end it’s next to impossible to eloquently and delicately explain why you dumped somebody.

A couple of moments we obviously must discuss: The audience member who crashed the show and the lie detector results. First, let’s talk about the random girl who crashed the party. People get tickets to the live shows in many different ways. There are friends and family, auction winners, etc. Apparently, she is a big fan of our show and used social media to get in touch with one of our hairy producers. He decided to offer her a ticket to the show. She flew herself to the show, got herself a hotel, and well, you saw the rest. I have to say it was pretty hysterical. She was so nervous, and Chris’ reaction was priceless. He was incredibly gracious about the whole thing and I just went with the moment and kind of threw him to the wolves. No word on if he used the digits he got or if they’ll actually have a real date. The other interesting moment was the lie detector results that I had. It was funny to see the guys’ reactions as we caught them in some lies (Marcus, you dog!). What are your thoughts on Andi deciding to not have me announce Josh’s results? Would you want to know if he was one of your final two? Or like Andi, would you trust that his intentions are true?

Now, Andi has narrowed it down to Nick and Josh. Next Monday night it’s the live Bachelorette finale event. We’ll all watch Andi make her final choice, and then we’ll all be together for the live After the Final Rose special, where, as you saw, one big surprise awaits. What is the letter all about, and could it shake up the very foundation of this entire season? Make sure you tune in next Monday night for what is destined to be an unbelievably exciting and dramatic night.

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