Blending elements of Memento and Minority Report, Predestination finds Ethan Hawke as a temporal agent, traversing through time to eliminate crime before it happens. His last assignment, however, requires him to recruit his younger self and stop the one criminal he’s never caught.

Hawke previously worked with directors Michael and Peter Spierig on Daybreakers, a post-apocalyptic take on vampire mythology, and this project is a return to similarly high-concept material. Based on science fiction legend Robert A. Heinlein’s short story, All You Zombies (a line Hawke spouts mid-trailer), Predestination deals with everything from time paradoxes to, well, fate and predestination.

Predestination premiered at South by Southwest earlier this year. The film will screen at Fantasia Film Fest in Montreal this week. It will also be opening the Melbourne International Film Festival on July 31. Sarah Snook and Noah Taylor also star.