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This Thursday, Fifty Shades of Grey fans will get their first peek at the film when its trailer finally debuts. But much like its teaser, the full-length trailer won’t premiere on any website. Instead, it will debut on the Queen of Pop’s Instagram account, which prompts an important question: What does Beyoncé have to do with Fifty Shades of Grey?

So far, the only connection between Beyoncé and the film is her Instagram account, and the fact that she can be heard singing what sounds like a slowed down, sultry version of “Crazy In Love” at the end of the teaser. Could that be her only connection to the movie? It’s a possibility. But just in case it’s not, we’ve come up with a few more theories:

Theory 1: The movie’s entire soundtrack is nothing but steamy Beyoncé covers.

Theory 2: The movie’s entire soundtrack is nothing but steamy covers of “Crazy In Love.”

Theory 3: House of Deréon provided all of Christian Grey’s low-rise, ripped, slightly faded jeans.

Theory 4: Fifty Shades is the inspiration for her next joint concert trailer with husband Jay Z.

Theory 5: She makes a cameo in the film, asking the driver to roll up the partition … please.

Theory 6: She makes a cameo in the film, giving Ana her first freakum dress.

Theory 7: She actually plays Ana. (Sorry, Dakota Johnson.)

Theory 8: Her next single is going to be titled “Laters, Baby.”

Theory 9: In all seriousness: Perhaps the studio figured this was a good business decision because Beyoncé has 13 million followers on Instagram, and Instagram videos are easily embeddable on other sites.

Theory 10: They’re changing the movie’s name to Fifty Shades of Bey.

Theory 11: Beyoncé wanted to debut the trailer, and she gets what she wants. #bowdown

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