We remember the late rock legend through his inimitable work


The Essential Playlist
When Tommy Ramone (né Erdélyi Tamás) passed away on July 11 at age 65, he represented the last of the original Ramones. Not only did Tommy drum on their first three masterful albums, but he was also a skilled producer. Here, a small sample of his dexterous contributions to the spirit of punk.

”Blitzkrieg Bop” (Ramones, 1976)
Tommy co-wrote the band’s definitive anthem, a juggernaut of a jock jam.

”I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend” (Ramones, 1976)
This knee-bucklingly sweet tune was one of his only solo writing credits.

”Mama’s Boy” (Ramones, 1984)
After a few years away, Tommy returned to the band to produce and write for Too Tough to Die, which included this snarling number.

”Here Comes A Regular” (The Replacements, 1985)
This acoustic album-closer foretold the stripped-down music Tommy would make later in the bluegrass duo Uncle Monk.

”Neurotica” (Redd Kross, 1987)
He infused the band’s glammy tracks with the same lo-fi melodicism that made the Ramones indelible.