The USA Network will debut the ambitious new show this fall


When you think of big-budget adventure series, you probably don’t think of USA Network. The cable channel is known for breezy comfort-food procedurals such as Suits, Psych, and Royal Pains. That’s about to change with the ambitious — and expensive — six-episode series Dig. Pairing Heroes creator Tim Kring with Homeland exec producer Gideon Raff, the show has been dubbed ”Indiana Jones meets The Da Vinci Code” by a network exec. Jason Isaacs plays Peter Connelly, an FBI legal attaché who gets drawn into a mystery involving ancient prophecies and modern-day conspiracies while he’s stationed in Jerusalem — where the Dig pilot was actually shot. ”As a backdrop, it’s just spectacular. It’s 3,000 years of history all around us,” Kring says. One thing that’s not a mystery: Though Dig tells a closed-ended story, expect a return if it’s a hit. Says Kring: ”A legal attaché is an agent who investigates crimes by and against U.S. citizens on foreign soil, so it opens up a whole host of cases and stories.” As long as there’s digging involved, presumably.