By Dan Snierson
Updated July 17, 2014 at 01:00 PM EDT

This summer, VH1 is offering a new kind of dating show that just says no to the dress—and every other article of clothing, too. Introducing Dating Naked (Thursday, 9 p.m.), a reality spectacle in which contestants take off their clothes before taking on the challenge of meeting their potential soul mate/sex buddy. (And if they do indeed find their match, they’ll probably compete for a free wedding on the surely-in-the-works sequel The NudelyWed Game.)

In the first episode, Joe and Wee Wee (I know) test their chemistry while zorbing in the water—and in the buff. “To be honest, I’m most worried, um, about getting like you know, a little excited?” Joe tells the camera before the date. “I will just try not to think about it, I’ll probably think about elephants or like monkeys or something like that… and just look straight in the eye.” (Somewhere right now, an elephant is avoiding eye contact with a monkey.)

Press play and expose yourself to these two hopeless—or at least clothesless—romantics, who kick off the most revealing date of their lives with a totally awkward hug.