Credit: Paul Morigi/Getty Images

For many fans of HBO’s excellent street-level drama The Wire (2002-2008, R.I.P.), any nugget of where-are-they-now cast news is like finding a scrap of sellable metal in the trash heap of life. And today, there’s a piece of good news for those who were worried about the fate of young Duquan “Dukie” Weems (last spotted prepping to shoot up in the series finale): Dukie’s alter ego, actor Jermaine Crawford, has made a record.

One Night Only, a two-track vinyl, is a smooth, sexy pair of old school R&B jams. The first, “LA” is a 90s-flavored tribute to a night spent in the arms of a woman—think Montell Jordan with just a sprinkle of early-era Usher—plus some subtle sax for good measure. “Forget You,” meanwhile, is a morning-after lament, a “baby come back, but only if you’re gonna be nice” piano ballad. Altogether, One Night Only is anchored by Crawford’s understated, emotional vocals and low-key production.

Last year, Crawford released “Janet,” a tribute both to a lost love and Janet Jackson, which just got a video treatment this spring (see below). So it would appear that, at the tender age of 21 (he was just 13 when he started on The Wire), little Dukie is going the Drake route and leaving acting behind, at least for now.

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