Yaron Zilberman, who marked his feature directorial debut with 2012’s A Late Quartet, is taking on literary hot-shot Orson Scott Card. Zilberman will write and direct a feature based on Card’s sci-fi short story Unaccompanied Sonata, EW has confirmed. The film will be called Sonata.

The property has been optioned by Nick Wechsler, Chockstone Pictures’ Steve and Paula Mae Schwartz, and Opening Night Productions. Tamar Sela will serve as executive producer with Roger Schwartz as co-producer.

The short story, which was originally published in 1979 in Omni magazine, tells the story of a child brought up to be a musical prodigy. He is raised by servants in a cabin with the intention of keeping him away from the outside world, completely oblivious to other music. His music, then, would be completely his own, uninfluenced by others. He eventually discovers Bach, and when a “watcher” finds out, he is barred from making music forever.

The Schwartzes and Wechsler most recently made The Counselor, while Card’s Ender’s Game was his last work to hit theaters.

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