It’s a busy time for Guillermo Del Toro. The filmmaker just debuted his new TV series The Strain on FX and is currently finishing up next year’s horror film Crimson Peak. He also recently announced a pair of films: a small black-and-white movie, and the complete opposite of that. Del Toro is so busy that he actually needs to publicly announce when he’s not making a movie.

Which he did, unfortunately, during a Reddit AMA over the weekend. Del Toro has long promised a third Hellboy movie, which would wrap up the saga of Ron Perlman’s curiously lovable demonspawn. But when asked about the prequel’s status, Del Toro said, “We have gone through basically every studio and asked for financing, and they are not interested.”

The director continued:

The Hellboy films already have a curious release history, with the 2004 original distributed by Sony and the beloved-by-some Hellboy II: The Golden Army distributed by Universal four years later. The films grossed $99 million and $160 million worldwide. (By comparison, Iron Man 3 grossed $175 million in its opening weekend.) The films were sort of middle-class blockbusters, buoyed by DVD sales that evaporated into thin air at the start of this decade. That’s why, in Del Toro’s words, studios find a threequel “almost impossible to finance.”

It’s too bad we won’t get Hellboy 3, since Del Toro’s plan for the finale sounds pretty cool:

It probably won’t happen. Unless… Yahoo, maybe?

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