Daniel Radcliffe is smart, rich, and has a good sense of humor—and all three qualities are evident in Horns, the festival movie based on Joe Hill’s supernatural mystery novel and directed by horror maestro Alexandre Aja.

He’s smart because he’s constantly trying new things, like playing a murder suspect who sprouts devilish horns out of his head. Rich, from all of his Harry Potter money, which allows him to take chances on right-field genre movies without having to check his bank account first. And funny, because Horns is full of clever references to playing The Boy Who Lived for half of his life.

The movie, which co-stars Juno Temple, Heather Graham, and The Social Network‘s Max Minghella, premiered at Toronto last fall and is coming to San Diego’s Comic-Con next week. In the trailer, Radcliffe’s hero, Ig, communes with snakes, has a splitting headache, and drives a Gremlin. Check it out below:

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