And then there were two. This season the final two weeks of our travels took us to the Dominican Republic. This week, the overnight dates were spent in and around the beautiful Paradisus hotel. I had visited the Dominican Republic many years ago and was looking forward to getting back to see how much had changed over the years. Andi came into this week with a clear head and incredibly happy with the three men she has narrowed it down to. Letting go of Marcus last week was difficult, but these three relationships are definitely different than the rest. As I told Andi after hometowns, it’s really an embarrassment of riches. I felt like she had done a terrific job of narrowing it down to a bunch of great guys. After hometowns her job wasn’t as much to find out if these guys were sincere but more so trying to decide which lifestyle fit best. Which man could she really see forever with?

Andi told me her favorite hometown visit was with Chris in Iowa, but that didn’t mean she was 100 percent confident in this relationship and that’s why the exotic overnight dates are so important at this point in the journey. If Andi were to be perfectly honest, she can’t say that having to move to Iowa wasn’t an issue, but it must be said it definitely wasn’t the driving force behind her decision to let him go. They obviously enjoy each other’s company and seem perfect together and maybe if she didn’t have anything or anybody to compare it to it would seem that way to her as well, but she does. She does have two other very strong relationships to compare her relationship with Chris to and when she does compare them, it just didn’t measure up.

That’s the toughest part for Andi at this point: There’s really nothing wrong with any of these relationships. You’re really splitting hairs. Andi would’ve loved it if one of the guys had really made it easier on her, but they didn’t. All they did was express their love for her and make for a tougher decision. As Andi’s exotic date went on it became more and more clear to her just how in love with her Chris was. But an interesting thing happened. The more Chris professed his love and showed her his emotions, the more Andi sensed something wasn’t right. At the end of the date there’s the famous fantasy suite that they can retire to so they can spend time together. I know what this key represents to most people and I understand what most people assume happens in the fantasy suite, but the most important part of it is the completely private time together. This is a time to talk candidly and have a moment with nobody else around. At this point Andi should be really excited about this time away with these guys, but with Chris she just wasn’t. The longer the night went on, the more she realized she just wasn’t in the same place Chris was. She just couldn’t match his love. The more she looked into his eyes and saw what was in his heart, the more she knew she had to end this relationship before they got to the fantasy suite. She couldn’t bear dragging him any further and leading him on. I’m sure like most people Chris was left wondering “why” and the problem is there’s not an easy simple answer to this. Chris will have his chance to try to get some closure from Andi next week at the Men Tell All and it promises to be an emotional tough reunion.

Andi has now narrowed it down to two very different men: Nick and Josh. These guys in my opinion are both good guys, but they represent very different lifestyles. I understand that some might look at these final two as a battle between good and evil. Josh the nice guy and Nick the bad boy who stirred things up in the house. I disagree with that assessment. Did Nick rub people the wrong way? Absolutely. Could he have gone about things differently? Of course. But I don’t think he’s a bad guy and that’s why Andi has fallen for him just as she has for Josh. The way I see it from my seat is Josh is her “comfort zone.” Josh is her type, he’s the comfortable choice she’s fallen for many times during her life. This obviously hasn’t worked out so well in the past and that’s why she’s been so worried about this relationship and so skeptical of Josh all along. She’s worried about making the same old mistake. But the problem with the “comfort zone” is it’s so darn comfortable. It just feels right even if it’s not. Nick, on the other hand is the unknown, the road or “rose” less traveled. Nick is the kind of relationship and guy I think Andi aspires to be with. A guy she’s never really given herself a chance to fall for. Nick is a guy who will challenge her and push her in ways she’s never known before. The problem with the “road less traveled” guy is at the end of the day when the pressure is on, can Andi really pull the trigger and choose this different lifestyle? I think it’s an incredibly compelling finale.

Andi has done a great job narrowing it down to two men she has incredibly strong feelings for and this final week is going to be one of the most important in Andi’s life. We’ll be staying in the Dominican Republic and Andi’s family will be coming in to join us. What will they see in these two men? How will they affect Andi’s final decision?

Next Monday night is the “Men Tell All.” All of Andi’s men are back to talk about Andi and each other. My favorite part of the show though is the surprise right off the top, it’s a moment you won’t want to miss. And remember those lie detector results that Andi tore up in Italy? We will be revealing those answers, too! Truly, it’s an incredible Bachelor episode unlike anything you have ever seen before on our show!

The following Monday, July 28, is the season finale, when Andi will make her final choice. It’s going to be a wild couple of weeks, and I look forward to watching the end of it along with all of you.

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