By Jackson McHenry
July 15, 2014 at 04:58 PM EDT

It all began on July 5, with a fateful Tweet from Joss Whedon in which he drew Buffy the Vampire Slayer‘s Buffy on a napkin. Suddenly, it seemed only right to continue recapping Buffy, also on napkins. It happened. It was glorious. Don’t ask questions.

But you can’t recap Buffy without also referencing Angel—the darker, grimmer crossover cousin to Whedon’s first season. It sometimes gets short shrift for having a lead that did more punning with brooding, but Angel had an arguably more insightful take on the world than its mother series. But I’m not here to argue. I’m here to doodle on napkins at work. (Watch out, the recaps have spoilers. And before you begin, here’s the recommended soundtrack.)

This is the season where you have to keep telling your friends to keep watching it’s all case-of-the-week and not epic mind-blowing mythology… yet.

I know it’s actually an alternate dimension called Pylea, but it will always be D&D land in my heart.

Not pictured: Lilah, who is both evil and awesome.

Weak human hands do not do the beauty of Jasmine justice.