In the delightful comedy ''Land Ho!'' (out July 11), septuagenarian pals Colin and Mitch (Paul Eenhoorn and Earl Lynn Nelson) road-trip through Björk's homeland; here, the stars, along with directors Aaron Katz and Martha Stephens, reminisce about lagoons, glaciers, and pissing angels

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Reykjanes Peninsula
Hólmbergsviti Lighthouse
When the friends stop to snap photos in front of the bright yellow beacon, Colin reenacts Jim Carrey’s Dumb and Dumber butt wiggle. ”I call it the ass shot,” says Eenhoorn.

Keflavík Intl Airport
Iceland’s main airport doesn’t have an indoor passenger pickup area, so the actors had to film in the chilly outdoors. ”I wasn’t dressed warmly enough and we sat in the car with the windows open,” says Eenhoorn. ”I ended up with a chest cold the next day.”

Blue Lagoon
The movie’s final scene finds Colin and Mitch at the famous outdoor spa, where they encounter young women and are offered cocktails. A note to randy tourists: ”They have lifeguards there to make sure you behave, if you know what I mean,” Eenhoorn cracks.

Harpa Concert Hall
While in the capital city, Colin and Mitch visit Harpa, a controversially expensive but breathtaking Reykjavík landmark. ”The concert hall is an incredible space,” says Eenhoorn (above, with Nelson). It was also warm. ”We got to shoot inside, which was a real bonus.”

Geothermal Pool
Colin lets out a Tarzan yelp while swimming solo in the peaceful natural spring. ”Paul was a little disturbed because there was some slimy algae floating there,” says Katz. ”But once you’re in, it’s so pleasant. He couldn’t help but enjoy himself.”

Hotel Anna
The quaint little inn at the foot of Eyjafjallajökull volcano (which erupted in 2010) was the directors’ favorite spot. It was also the place where the crew had to stifle their laughter when the guys lit up on camera. ”I really got the giggles when they smoked pot,” says Stephens.

Hot Springs
The pair travel deep into the wilderness to camp out, pop some popcorn, and talk about life and retirement. ”Humans look so small here, and it feels prehistoric with the steam rising off the hot water,” says Eenhoorn.

Black Beach
Here, the duo shot a goofy dance party that is a high point in the film, but a low one during production due to strong wind. ”We’re drinking orange pop and golly, we could hardly breathe without the sand going in our noses, our mouths, and our eyes,” says Nelson.

Gullfoss Waterfall
”You can’t be at Gullfoss without being in awe of nature’s might,” Eenhoorn says. ”So much water and power all in a majestic rugged setting.” Adds Nelson poetically: ”It was like angels pissing on your tongue.”

Glacial Lagoon
In one stunning sequence, the travelers stumble on this natural marvel. ”It looks so remote, but it’s right off the main road,” says Katz. ”We really wanted to make it feel like they were at the edge of the world.” Eenhoorn adds: ”The only sound you hear is the ice breaking up. It was a spot to contemplate your place in nature.”

Land Ho!
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  • R
  • 94 minutes
  • Aaron Katz