Great movies to watch at home this week

By Joe McGovern
July 11, 2014 at 04:00 AM EDT

Moonstruck, 1987
Cher won an Oscar for this wondrous romantic comedy about a cynical widow swept off her feet by a hot-headed baker (Nicolas Cage) who just won’t ”Snap out of it!”

Sideways, 2004
As a high school teacher on a vineyard tour in California, Paul Giamatti plays a quintessential grump who gets love-drunk by a speech about the poetry of wine from Virginia Madsen.

Wall-E, 2008
In Pixar’s bravura modern classic, a lonesome trash compactor on a decimated Earth finds himself smitten with an egg-shaped robot named (per his verbiage) EVE-aaaaaa.

Weekend, 2011
Over the course of two wistful days, a semicloseted British man (Tom Cullen) falls for a spirited artist (Chris New) in this tender reverie directed by Andrew Haigh (HBO’s Looking).

Enough Said, 2013
In one of his last — and best — roles, the big-teddy-bear-like James Gandolfini stars as a lovable lummox who hits it off with a neurotic masseuse (Julia Louis-Dreyfus).