By Kurt Christenson
July 11, 2014 at 09:23 PM EDT
Image Comics

This October, Scott Snyder—the New York Times bestselling author of American Vampire—returns to Image Comics to reinvent another classic horror figure: witches.

After an acclaimed run on several DC Comics titles, including Batman, Detective Comics, Superman Unchained, Swamp Thing, and Vertigo titles American Vampire and The Wake, Snyder wanted to shake things up a bit. So he brought his new supernatural comic, WYTCHES, to Image Comics, where he had published the creator-owned Severed a few years prior. After working with artist Jock (The Losers, Green Arrow: Year One) on the Batman story “The Black Mirror,” Snyder knew he had the perfect collaborator for this new horror series. The artist’s distinct style—a mix of solid storytelling and terrifyingly scratchy visuals—will no doubt scare readers silly.

As for the story itself, the women and men persecuted for witchcraft for centuries were actually victims that died protecting one terrifying truth—there are monstrous creatures that do indeed exist, lurking in shadowy forests, preying upon mankind. Here’s Snyder describing what you can expect from WYTCHES:

The Oxford English Dictionary defines a witch as a woman with magic powers. And admit it, I say “witch” and you imagine some old crone with a wart on her nose, maybe wearing a black cloak and pointed hat, flying on a broomstick past the moon. Or perhaps some beautiful sorceress next door.

Well, forget all that nonsense. In fact, forget everything you know about witches. Because the truth is, witches, real witches, are something much, much scarier. Something you’ve never seen before. I’m collaborating with the super talented artist Jock on a new ongoing comic book series from Image Comics called WYTCHES. I don’t want to spoil anything, but let’s leave it at this—you’ll never think of witches the same way once you see Jock’s designs.

As for what you thought were witches? A wytch? A real wytch? Imagine, if you will, a bestial, primal creature that lives deep in the woods, waiting. We know nothing about them—they’re rarely seen. They are bigger than we are, stronger and smarter than we are, and they are gruesome and predatory. So, forget what you think you know. Leave the broomsticks for the kids. No magic, just horror. Here’s an exclusive look inside the sick, twisted world of WYTCHES…