With tubes of gouache and fine-point brushes, Brooklyn artist Fred Tomaselli transforms the front pages of ''The New York Times'' into vivid art — and scathing social commentary

Dec. 22, 2010
In his intro to the book, art critic Lawrence Weschler describes Arizona senator Jon Kyl as he ”veritably pullulates with the righteousness of his fist-pounding rage at the prospect of an arms control treaty with Russia.”

Aug. 31, 2005
Of his Hurricane Katrina art, Tomaselli writes, ”So I found in this waterline of the drowned city of New Orleans — this terrible event — what I thought was an uncannily beautiful geometric-based abstraction; I used the flooded streets to guide me in making that.”

July 4, 2009
Tomaselli writes that he tries not to indulge in voyeurism, or ”being entertained by the suffering of others…except when they deserve it,” such as Sarah Palin.