This is almost three biopics in one: the story of a racing champion, the story of a man lost at sea, and the story of a survivor in an internment camp.

But while it might seem incredible, Unbroken‘s all based on the story of one man: Louis “Louie” Zamperini, who survived it all until he died last week at 97. Played by Jack O’Connell, and as directed by Angelina Jolie, Zamperini’s story is the subject of Unbroken, which hits theaters on Christmas Day.

The Christmas Day release primes Unbroken for Oscar contention, and it doesn’t hurt that Unbroken has several of the requisite ingredients, like a script that credits the Coen brothers, an emotional plot, and a lot of stirring music. And the trailer helps to underline Jolie’s project, moving quickly from Zamperini’s childhood through the war and its consequences.

If you’re interested in spoilers—or as it’s better known, history—you can check out Laura Hillenbrand’s book about Zamperini in advance. It’s the basis for Jolie’s film, and it shares the same name.

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