Wish I Was Here Soundtrack

Ten years after Garden State hit screens Zach Braff is about to release its follow-up. His new film, Wish I Was Here (out July 18), trades in his previous feature’s quirky romance between young hipsters for more grown-up concerns, with Braff playing a struggling actor trying to raise kids on a non-superstar’s income. He not only co-wrote and directed the film, but also helped crowdfund the budget through Kickstarter, and although it was made for a relatively small budget the movie boasts a cast full of ringers including Kate Hudson and Mandy Patinkin.

It also boasts a soundtrack packed with indie-famous acts like Bon Iver, Cat Power, and the Head and the Heart, not to mention the Shins, who provided one of the more iconic moments in Garden State. After the jump we’re streaming the entire soundtrack, along with exclusive commentary from Braff. It will change your life. *Places headphones over your ears.*