Finding yourself using the balding old man emoji to incorporate George Constanza into text conversations? You won’t have to much longer: The guys behind the Seinfeld Current Day Twitter account will soon be debuting a set of 42 Seinfeld emoji, including pictographs of Constanza, Seinfeld, and the rest of the gang—plus Junior Mints, of course.

The Seinfeld Current Day Twitter answers the grammatically dubious question, “Imagen Seinfeld was never canceled and still NBC comedy program today?” by inserting the Seinfeld characters into modern-day situations: Elaine dating U.S. soccer goalie Tim Howard, for example, and Kramer chugging some Four Loko. The full emoji set, though, will be all classic Seinfeld references: pretzels, a black and white cookie, and the diner are some of the options.

Shahruz Shaukat, who developed the app, told EW while the date isn’t official yet, they’re hoping for a release early next week.


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