By Jackson McHenry
July 09, 2014 at 12:00 PM EDT

Panem isn’t exactly speaking in one voice.

A couple of weeks ago, we witnessed Panem’s leader reassuring his people of the continued prosperity and stability of their nation. But in his new address this week, Snow’s message is hijacked by a by a dissenting speaker.

Halfway through, the screen flickers, we shift away from the all-white Capitol environs (now with Peeta and Johanna flanking President Snow’s throne) and we get an urgent message from Beetee (Jeffrey Wright) who’s coming in from the mysterious District 13: “The Mockingjay lives.”

In the interest of not spoiling anything for non-book readers, let’s note only that District 13 isn’t featured on any of the Capitol’s propaganda posters—and that the third installment of Suzanne Collins’s series gets pretty grim. How grim? Just check out the Capitol’s new dystopian website. Yes, that’s an all-white rendering of Peeta, Johanna, and President Snow that you can download. Yes, you are not going to sleep tonight.

Also worth noting: The first teaser, titled “Together as One,” highlighted the words “Unity,” “Prosperity,” and “Sacrifice.” This address is titled “Unity”—are two more teasers coming down the line?