By James Hibberd
July 08, 2014 at 05:01 PM EDT

For American Ninja Warrior fans, last night’s Venice Finals was a truly exciting night (cannonball alley!). For broadcaster NBC, the ratings were decent too—the reality show climbed this week to edge out the second episode of CBS’ Under the Dome among adults 18-49, though Dome was tops among total viewers.

Fox’s steady MasterChef took the lead to win the night. But really, the reality flock is all pretty stable and in the same ballpark—with ABC’s Bachelorette also trading in the same range.

One surprise has been that Fox’s 24 reboot isn’t doing better. The drama feels like vintage 24, yet Jack Bauer’s comeback is getting outflanked. One wonders what this means for NBC’s Heroes revival—maybe when TV fans are done, they’re just done.

Also last night: The CW’s finale for Beauty and the Beast, low and steady, not winning the race. Full chart:

FOX 8-9P MASTERCHEF- 1.9 5,702
9-10P 24: LV-DAY- 1.5 5,997
ABC 8-10P BACHLRTTE- 1.8 6,832
10-11P MISTRESSES- 0.9 3,749
CBS 8:00P 2BROKE GRL- R 1.0 4,721
8:30P MOM- R 1.1 4,530
9:00P MIKE&MOLLY- R 1.2 5,259
9:30P TWO&HLF MN- R 1.0 4,728
10-11P UNDER DOME- 1.7 7,708
NBC 8-9P LST CMC-MO- R 1.0 4,039
9-11P AMRN NINJA- 1.8 5,357
CW 8:00P WHSE-ANYWAY- R 0.5 1,454
8:30P WHOSE-ENC- R 0.5 1,483
9-10P BEAUTY&BST- 0.3 876