Last week, Fault in Our Stars fans around the world were shocked by the news that the bench where Hazel and Augustus kiss in Amsterdam had been stolen.

Thankfully, those worried that they would never be able to recreate that moment IRL can rest easy—the bench is back!

Earlier today, the Amsterdam film office tweeted this photo of the re-installation process. Amsterdam film commissioner Simon Brester also confirmed to EW that this is the same bench, not a replacement.

Previously, a city spokesperson explained to the Associated Press that fans had been asking about the location of the bench (among other film-significant landmarks)when they visited Amsterdam. He also said that the bench would be replaced within weeks, depending on whether the city’s works department had a replacement in stock.

Now all you need to make your Fault in Our Stars fantasies come true is a ticket to Amsterdam…plus Ansel Egort and/or Shailene Woodley, of course.

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