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Just 99 episodes ago, Pretty Little Liars fans were introduced to the world of Alison DiLaurentis and the four Liars she left behind when she “died.” Five seasons later, we’ve followed those Liars through journeys of love, loss, betrayal, and lots of confusion, all of which peaked when Alison came back from the dead in season four.

However, Ali’s transition back to life in Rosewood has been anything but smooth. Aria accidentally killed Shana, someone murdered Mrs. D, and we still have no idea who’s in Alison’s grave. So with a number of mysteries left to solve, what will the show’s 100th episode hold for viewers? Well, we can promise a few familiar faces, at least one familiar place, and of course, another Twitter-worthy reveal.

EW was on set for the shooting of the 100th episode, and we sat down with the cast and executive producers to talk about what viewers can expect from the show’s 100th hour.

Caleb is back

After a brief stint on the now-canceled PLL spin-off Ravenswood, Caleb is returning to Rosewood, but don’t expect him to just leave all that Ravenswood baggage behind. “[Ravenswood] will definitely be addressed,” showrunner Marlene King said. “We won’t pretend like that didn’t happen because Hanna was really privy to a lot of his story there. He was very honest about Miranda and her death and for the fact for him she never left. And he made a promise to Hanna that he would never leave Miranda. So, I think that she’s curious— ‘Why are you back?’ ‘What happened with Miranda?’ And he’s coming back a little broken and angry and that affects their relationship and everything around it.” As for bringing other Ravenswood characters onto PLL, King said it’s a possibility down the line, but it won’t be happening in the summer season. That being said, Mrs. Grunwald is on top of the to-bring-back list.

Ravenswood aside, will Caleb’s return mean the end of Travis and Hanna? At least not immediately. “Right now we’re just friends,” Ashley Benson said. “We’re slowly coming back into each other’s lives. They’re sort of dependent on each other. She is at least, especially because of everything that she is going through. And actually, [I] think that he is too, since he had a weird experience in Ravenswood, and he really only connects with Hanna in like that intimate way. As of now they’re friends, but I have a good feeling that they’ll be together.”

Executive producer Joseph Dougherty added: “They both want to get back together, but [they’re] not the same people. They want to be together, [but] have to figure out how.” And figuring out how might not be as simple as it seems. Executive producer Oliver Goldstick talked about how Caleb’s return could be one of the factors that leads Hanna to start drinking. “Caleb’s return to Rosewood is complicated and confounding because he doesn’t let her in on everything,” Goldstick said. “Secrets abound, and then they confound and lead to possible escape.” However, fans shouldn’t lose all hope. Goldstick added that, “By the end of episode 100, they are poking around something.”

But for the time being, fans might be surprised by the person Caleb turns to in his time of need. After spending his first night back sleeping in his car, Caleb receives a little help from another PLL boyfriend. “We have a great bromance scene where Toby lends [Caleb] the family fishing cabin,” King said. Goldstick added, “[They] have a common link because the women they are in love with are beleaguered and threatened and constantly keeping secrets. This bonds them in ways.”

So will the lying habits of their loved ones rub off on them? According to Troian Bellisario, the answer is yes. “Both Toby and Caleb, in their friendship, are as sneaky and hidden as the girls,” Bellisario said. “They have a great friendship that is very secretive, and Spencer doesn’t really know that Caleb is back until he literally walks into a room.”

As for Caleb’s least favorite Liar, let’s just say his return will add to the number of people who are not thrilled about Alison’s return. “I don’t think Caleb is a big Ali fan. I don’t think he trusts this girl,” Dougherty said.

Ali goes to school

The other big return in the 100th episode involves Ali once again walking the halls of Rosewood High. “In the 100th episode, I go back to school, and the reaction from all the other students is insane,” Sasha Pieterse said. “It’s kind of in awe towards Alison, but it’s hard for the rest of the girls. They’re getting it the hardest.” But as the promo demonstrates, not everyone at school is going to be “in awe” of Alison. “Mona’s fashion has always been mental games, and that’s kind of what she’s about to play,” Pieterse added. “And maybe some violence in there a little bit. Mona’s being Mona.”

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Jenna returns to Rosewood

As Dougherty pointed out, the last time that Ali and Jenna spoke was the night that Ali disappeared. And now that Aria has killed Shana, the original bad girl is returning in a way fans might not expect. “Well we know that she was with Shana, and we know that Shana is dead,” King said. “She is a very sad grieving person, a broken person. She comes back to really grieve with her family.” And surprisingly, Jenna will stay away from Ali for the most part, though she will find herself relating to another Liar. “Initially she has some interesting moments with Aria, because Aria wants to reach out to her,” King said. “Both of them are grappling with the same emotional issue.”

But looking past the grief, Jenna is still Jenna. “I think she represents a threat to the girls and she represents unfinished business,” Dougherty said. “It is one thing to make amends with someone, but it’s another thing to tell you ‘Go screw yourself.’ I think Jenna arguably has an agenda [that’s] complex and ‘A’-like. Perhaps there’s a reason for that, perhaps there’s not.”

And as for interactions with the other Liars, Shay Mitchell said Jenna and Emily won’t cross paths but that Jenna “comes back in a very strong way.” And as far as Benson is concerned, “She is still pissed at us for us making her lose her eyesight.” So it seems the only other Liar who has to deal with Jenna is Spencer. According to Bellisario: “Jenna calls Toby and needs him for something. Spencer is kind of like, ‘I guess you have to go,’ [but] Spencer has very mixed feelings when Jenna asks Toby to do things.”

Who’s in the box?

It’s not a 100th episode without a big reveal, and King promises “you will find out who’s in the grave this summer in the 100th episode.”

More Radley

Although King claimed that no one is returning to Radley as a patient (yet), she did confirm that they’re building the Radley set, which means we’ll likely be seeing a lot more of it in the future. And Goldstick added, “[Radley is] part of the 100th episode. I don’t want to spoil that. It’s really juicy.” But we do know that Radley’s return definitely has something to do with the mystery of Toby’s mom. “It’s correlated,” Goldstick said. “It’s not the whole reason they come back to Radley, but it’s definitely wrapped up in that.”

Pretty Little Liars 100th episode airs Tuesday, July 8 at 8 p.m. on ABC Family.

— Reporting by Stephanie Robbins

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