July 07, 2014 at 07:39 PM EDT

Last week, a guy calling himself Zack Danger Brown created a humble Kickstarter campaign, with a modest goal of $10, to make a simple potato salad. The internet started throwing money at him.

After mashing through his original goal, the flood of cash hasn’t stopped. The Kickstarter has more than 1,500 backers giving over $10,000, with another 26 days to go. According to Kicktraq, a website that tracks the status of Kickstarter campaigns, Zack is on track to raise more than $91,000 by the time the campaign ends.

There’s still plenty of time to donate, but if you don’t find the idea of giving money to a guy making potato salad apeeling, that’s all right. You’re still welcome to celebrate the side dish. After he passed the $3,000 mark, Brown updated his Kickstarter and wrote, “I’m getting us a party hall and inviting the WHOLE INTERNET to party with us.”

Making the potato salad is going to pose several challenges. To starch with, there is the problem of making it. Brown said this is the first time he’s making potato salad, so he might stumble through the process. Additionally, he said he will make at least four of them because the campaign raised so much money. Then there are the rewards. Brown promised to say aloud the name of every donor of $1 or more. This means he’ll probably make the salads very, very slowly, using the time it takes to boil and cool the potatoes to say a lot of names.

Furthermore, pledgers of $3 or more are promised a bite of the potato salad, pledgers of $10 or more can hang out with him in his kitchen while he makes it, and those who give $20 or more are to be given a potato-themed haiku. The first poses refrigeration problems that Brown needs to figure out—he lives in Ohio and might need to mail potato salad all over the world. People who hang out with him in the kitchen might be annoying or break his concentration while he makes the salad. And the third one is a foray into literary ambitions—it’s typical for a book to cost $20, but a single haiku? It had better be a good one.

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