By Miles Raymer
Updated July 07, 2014 at 06:56 PM EDT

The electronic trio Lemonade began its existence as an edgy experimental group in San Francisco. But since then, the three have relocated to Brooklyn and shifted their focus toward poppier ends. Their upcoming third album, Minus Tide, brings together the deep, resonant synth tones of classic house music and lighter-than-air vocal melodies that split the difference between contemporary indie rock and classic New Wave. The result is a record that’s substantial but breezy, finely tuned for dance floors but equally at home in a convertible with the top back.

The indie label Cascine will release Minus Tide on September 9. (You can preorder it here.) In the meantime, EW is happy to have an exclusive first look at the lead single, “Orchid Bloom.”


Chad Valley, Lemonade, Yumi Zouma, Coyote Clean Up, Pharoahs

Chad Valley, Lemonade, Yumi Zouma, Luisine, Xeno & Oaklander

Heathered Pearls (DJ) July 19 – Toronto w/ Arbutus

Chad Valley, Lemonade, Yumi Zouma, BRAIDS, TOPS

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