By Miles Raymer
July 07, 2014 at 05:16 PM EDT

Over the weekend, Kanye West filled in for an under-the-weather Drake at London’s Wireless Festival. True to form, the experience went pretty far off the map for festival appearances by performers of his stature.

Friday night, he paused mid-set to deliver a lengthy speech about, among other things, what he feels to be unfair treatment by the fashion world. The following night, he gave a considerably shorter address where he compared himself to a blowfish and a porcupine, and took the words out of critics’ mouths by calling himself  “a little bit arrogant” and performed three Drake songs.

Afterward, West took over a private party at the club at London’s Hotel Cafe Royal, crashing the DJ booth and playing 20 new tracks from a laptop. Somewhat surprisingly no video from the massive unveiling have leaked yet, but a little evidence has emerged on social media. “World’s biggest hypebeast” Brandon Sales Instagrammed a shot of Kanye hunched over his computer. London DJ Jason Powell tweeted that the new material was “dark,” “hellish,” and “groundshaking,” which suggests that he’s still working the same aggressive stylistic terrain as last year’s Yeezus.

Neither West nor his label have announced any plans for a new album, but considering that Yeezus was released with little advance warning and that surprise album drops have become kind of a big thing since then—plus the fact that West loves nothing more than to surprise his audience—his next LP could really drop anytime.