When we left off, things were getting rough in the world of Game of Thrones—and fans might need a pick-me-up to get through the next season. So we have to ask, what would Cersei Lannister do? Well, entrapher brother in a sham trial, probably. But not all fans of Game of Thrones have brothers they can easily frame for murder. So, on to the Cersei Lannister life decision that works for everyone: more wine.

The Wines of Westeros will launch next year in time for season five of the fantasy series. The set includes 12 selections, from Shiraz to Sauvignon Blanc, each paired to a house or faction within the land of Westeros.

The taste of the wine ostensibly reflects the personality of the house it represents. “The reds are all associated with the houses that are head strong and robust,” said Jane Burlop of Common Ventures. “The whites on the other hand are more cunning, perceptive and mysterious.” The Dothraki, for example, have a full-bodied (or perhaps disembodied?) Merlot, while the Tyrells have a softer, more charming Chardonnay.

Of course, any project involving Game of Thrones is going to incite some debate, especially from diehard fans (like those who have already analysed the terroir of the lands along the King’s road and made their own assumptions about the tastes of the Westerosi elite). A note to begin discussion: the Starks get a Sauvignon Blanc, but are they really that cunning? Converse amongst yourselves, but we recommend you hold forth in the style of Cersei herself.

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