Sure, the World Cup has produced a number of vivid and unusual dances from players on the field. But as the Brooklyn Cyclones’ Seinfeld-themed baseball game proved on Saturday, not even elite footballers can kick like Elaine Benes.

In honor of the sitcom’s 25th anniversary yesterday, the New York Mets-affiliated minor league team treated the city to Salute to Seinfeld Night, which featured players warming up in puffy shirts, visits from both the Soup Nazi actor and the real Kramer, and an appropriately absurd Elaine Dancing Contest.

The competition was, of course, an ode to Elaine Benes’ memorably egregious style of dance, known to horrified onlookers as “the Little Kicks.” And while Julia Louis-Dreyfus herself wasn’t in attendance, an assortment of Elaine wannabes did their best to replicate her infamous moves.

So, did they pull it off? And if they did, is that a good thing? Watch the fan-filmed clips (pulled courtesy of HuffPo) of the dance-off below to judge for yourself:


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