Step aside, Springsteen: West has claimed that the follow-up to 2013's Yeezus will be his own Born in the U.S.A. That doesn't mean Yeezy's moved…
Credit: Joseph Okpako/Redferns via Getty Images

Kanye West really, really likes to interrupt his live performances to deliver impromptu lectures—usually on the nature of his own genius and the world’s attempts to hold him back. His audiences, on the other hand, don’t seem so hot on them.

Just three weeks after getting booed at Bonnaroo, the same thing happened again at London’s Wireless fest. While the Bonnaroo incident was largely due to residual animosity over his disastrous appearance at the festival six years ago, the crowd at Wireless turned against West during an on-stage tirade about the difficulties he’s had establishing himself as a serious player in the world of high fashion, among other things. It lasted a reported 20 minutes.

“I’m not going to mention any names,” the Daily Mail quotes him as saying, “but… Nike, Louis Vuitton and Gucci. Don’t discriminate against me ’cause I’m a black man making music.”

‘Ye’s freestyle orations seem to be hated by all but his most hardcore devotees, a fact that can’t be lost on someone as self-conscious of criticism as he is. At this point, it’s worth wondering whether this habit is actually some brand of performance art, maybe the dark side to his thing for running back “N—-s in Paris” a dozen times a show during his tour with Jay Z. It’s also worth noting that Kanye has delivered most of these rants while wearing a bejeweled mask that covers his entire face.