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Tammy is no match for the Transformers. The Melissa McCarthy comedy had a slight shot at snagging the top spot over the holiday, but the Autobots managed to stave off extinction for one more week — at least till the Apes take over next weekend.

Michael Bay’s fourth installment in the toy-based franchise pulled in an estimated $10.6 million Friday, while the R-rated Tammy (C+ Cinema Score) took in $6.44 million from 3,400 theaters. In other words, there were no box office fireworks this weekend.

This isn’t a great showing for McCarthy. Poor reviews and a rotten C+ Cinema Score do not bode well for Tammy’s long-term legs, but Warner Bros.’ raunchy comedy cost a mere $20 million to produce and is on track to make $22 million across the weekend and a $33 million on the five-day. Still, it’s the one of her lowest openings ever. In 2013, McCarthy’s The Heat opened to $39 million and Identity Thief made $34.6 million in its first three days in theaters.

Relativity’s found footage kid pic Earth to Echo (A- Cinema Score) debuted in 3,230 theaters and snagged the fourth place spot Friday with $2.63 million. The $13 million, PG-rated movie should get a bump over the weekend from families.

Screen Gems’ and Jerry Bruckheimer Films’ Deliver Us From Evil (B- Cinema Score) opened wide this weekend too. Inspired by the accounts of a real NYPD sergeant, the supernatural horror starring Eric Bana took in an estimated $2.54 million Friday, from 3,049 locations ($831 per-theater average). The first horror of the summer season took in audiences that were 49 percent female and 49 percent under the age of 25. It’s on track for a $8-9 million weekend and $14 million five-day.

Here’s the top five:

1. Transformers: Age of Extinction $10.6 million Friday ($148.95 million domestic)

2. Tammy – $6.44 million Friday ($18.18 million domestic total)

3. How to Train Your Dragon 2 $2.78 million Friday ($134.03 million domestic total)

4. Earth to Echo – $2.63 million Friday ($7.9 million domestic total)

5. Deliver Us From Evil — $2.54 million Friday ($8.04 million domestic total)

Check back in tomorrow for weekend estimates.

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