By Ray Rahman
Updated July 04, 2014 at 05:14 PM EDT

Ashton Kutcher’s 2004 movie The Butterfly Effect is still making ripples a decade later: The production company Benderspink filed a lawsuit Thursday claiming that it’s still owed shares of the film’s profits. The suit names FilmEngine, Highwire, Roulette, and Rhulen as the “interrelated film production companies” involved in the matter, THR reports.

According to the claim, Benderspink—run by Chris Bender and J.C. Spink—entered an agreement with FilmEngine in 2003; the companies were to distribute 50 percent of the sci-fi thriller’s net profits to Benderspink.

However, the suit states that “for years the Defendants repeatedly assured Benderspink that the picture was still in the red, and therefore no payment was due or owing under the MOU”—a claim that Benderspink is contesting after allegedly discovering in 2012 that the movie’s distributor made a large payment to the production companies.

As a result, Benderspink is seeking 50 percent of FilmEngine and Roulette’s net profits. Legal eagles can eye all the details of the complaint over at THR, which has uploaded the full document.

The Butterfly Effect

  • Movie
  • R
  • 113 minutes
  • Eric Bress
  • J. Mackye Gruber