By Erin Strecker
July 03, 2014 at 07:08 PM EDT
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Girl Meets World–which premiered on Disney Channel this past week–could really be dubbed a permanent ’90s Throwback Thursday (that’s technically airing on Fridays). In honor of this week’s Throwback Thursday, let’s hash out a very specific, very ’90s question: What is the all-time best episode of Boy Meets World?

As is the case with long-running shows (Boy Meets World aired from 1993 to 2000), there are a ton of options, and it’s a bit of a tough call. Do you go with one early in the series’ run that gave us an iconic moment (like, say, when Topanga kissed Cory up against the lockers), or a past-its-prime contender that reminded fans of the glory days (that would be “Seven the Hard Way,” a.k.a the episode with Plays With Squirrels)?

Or do you pick an episode that had a super-significant moment, but actually wasn’t all that great of an episode (cough, Cory and Topanga’s wedding, cough)? And let’s not forget about episodes with all-time perfect catchphrases, but a plot that wasn’t particularly memorable–looking at you, “Un-dah-pants episode.”

Clearly, there’s a lot to consider. With that said, here are a couple of finalists:

“A Long Walk to Pittsburgh”: A two-parter that’s crucial to the Cory/Topanga drama. As the show went on, the comedy gave way to its fair share of melodrama, but here, the emotions were genuine and the feelings oh so real.

-“The Happiest Show on Earth”:  While it’s really sweet, the over-the-top big ending of Cory winning Topanga back doesn’t make up for a lack of all the other big characters in the episode.

“And Then There Was Shawn”: This scary movie-spoof is one of those that’s funnier when you’re not 10.

The One Where Topanga Cut Her Hair: Full disclosure: This is not the real episode title, but this is the episode where Danielle Fishel cut her REAL HAIR to show us all that APPEARANCES DON’T MATTER and HIGH SCHOOL IS HARD and it was perfect.

All great episodes; all worthy of a re-watch when the show airs on MTV2 or ABC Family. There are way too many other great episodes to name here (we haven’t even gotten into how addicting this show was when it went super-serious), but there’s one episode that rises above the rest: “Chick Like Me.”

It’s no surprise “Chick Like Me” ranks high in any fan poll. One of the reasons people loved/love Boy Meets World was its ability to blend the silly and the surreal; the perfect tone for growing up. This season 4 charmer was a great example of that mix: It took a goofy premise, in this case, Cory’s quest to write something of substance for the school paper instead of a joke column, then had Cory and Shawn begin a scheme to go undercover in drag to find out what high school dating is really like for women.

Twist! The episode wound up teaching kind-of-a-player Shawn that dating as a woman is hard, and also, #Empathy. Come for perfect TGIF friend shenanigans, stay for Shawn’s date trying to feel up Shawn-as-Veronica and Shawn learning a very important lesson.

A very weird day at John Adams High; a very entertaining half hour of dramedy.

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