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[UPDATE: My full recap is live!] The first week of Big Brother saw the rise of a powerful new All-Male alliance called the Bomb Squad, which immediately became an All-Male-Plus alliance after Devin’s sudden, perhaps rash late-night addition of not-male Amber and Christine. The first week of Big Brother also saw the brief rise and hilariously accelerated fall of an All-Female alliance, “El Quattro” (or, as they should have been known, “Michelle Quadriguez.”) On night one, the ladies were willing to play together…but when Joey tried to reform the alliance after a few days, she immediately became a target.

That put Joey up on the block next to Paola, aka PowPow, aka The Queen of Caltoru. So who would be the first contestant sent home in Big Brother‘s 16th season? Well, the results are in…



Joey was the first one out! It’s a sad loss for everyone who was really excited to see a blue-haired outspoken feminist who vaguely resembled Cosima from Orphan Black–“everyone” in this case essentially being a demographic of “myself.”

This week’s double Head of Household challenge was a His and Hers event. Amber won the ladies’ side. Cody won the mens’ side…or so we thought, until instant replay revealed a foul. (So, to clarify: World Cup Soccer has no instant replay, but Big Brother does.) That means Devin is the male HoH…and the Bomb Squad is still in charge.

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