Foxcatcher 09
Credit: Scott Garfield

Physical violence can be a sport, but psychological torture is a whole other story. And in a new teaser for Foxcatcher, the latter is enough to drive Channing Tatum’s head through a mirror.

The film, directed by Moneyball and Capote filmmaker Bennet Miller stars Tatum as wrestler Mark Shulz, the overlooked younger brother to Mark Ruffalo’s Olympian Dave Shulz. Steve Carell—in a rare dramatic turn that stunned audiences at Cannes—also stars as sociopathic multimillionaire John DuPont, who takes it upon himself to train Tatum in his remote compound near Valley Forge before the 1988 Olympics.

Foxcatcher was originally set to open December 2013, but distributor Sony Pictures Classics pushed its release back to November 2014 to allow more time to finish the film. Given the film’s success at Cannes, it’s likely that the extra time did Foxcatcher well. Expect to hear awards-season buzz about the wrestling drama. The buzz will likely settle around Carell, but Miller, Tatum, and even Ruffalo’s work has also been praised. It’s possible Foxcatcher will contend in several categories.

The teaser provides little information about the film’s plot that we haven’t seen before, but it provides an intense sample of twisted paternal dynamic at play.