This week we set down in the beautiful city of Brussels, Belgium. This town is known for its rich history, chocolate, mussels, and now playing the United States in the knock-out phase of the World Cup. It’s amazingly ironic that we play them this Tuesday.

The week started out with me paying a visit to the guys to try to get a sense of how they were all feeling. This is a pretty intense group right now, and I know that’s because all of these men are falling or already in love with Andi. I can’t remember a season of The Bachelorette where so many of the men were head over heels in love with our girl at this point.

Marcus got the first one on one and spent the day walking through the old historic city center of Brussels. If you get the chance, you definitely should spend an afternoon getting lost enjoying the sights, sounds, and tastes of this city. Marcus and Andi have a very sweet relationship. He’s been very open and honest with her about his feelings. At dinner he let Andi know about his family, and she now knows him even better. Opening up like this is difficult and doesn’t happen that often. Marcus has made his intentions clear for some time now, and Andi is very much appreciative and enjoying learning more and more about him.

Josh’s date took place in the town of Ghent. This was easily my favorite place to visit this week. It was about an hour train ride from Brussels and definitely worth the trip. There is so much incredible history in Belgium and a short trip like this is only the tip of the iceberg. Josh has been playing it pretty cool for a while now but on this date he finally cracked and let Andi know that he’s falling in love with her. The highlights of this date were the goose parade and the concert. There’s a tradition in Ghent during the festival where these geese are paraded through town. Watching this was incredibly entertaining. I’ve never seen something so simple stop a town and turn into such a fun event. The best part was hanging out and listening to American Young. Before Josh and Andi arrived, the duo were doing a sound check in the square, and the tourists loved it.

The only problem was the drunken fools that stumbled out of the pub next to the stage and were acting like maniacs, but pretty quickly they took off and we all enjoyed a great show. The scene of them playing in the shadows of these majestic cathedrals was just breathtaking. Apparently it worked for Andi and Josh as well, as they got lost in each other and enjoyed the moment.

The group date this week was an interesting one. There was a rose on the date and that rose also meant the date turned into a one on one. Tell me you didn’t love Chris and Andi doing their best Ghost impersonation. What really stood out on this date and the entire week is Nick. He is somehow forefront on the minds of all the other guys. He has rattled their cages. The big question is, is this intentional? And if it is intentional, do you care or should you care? The guys complain of Nick scheming and strategizing, but is that wrong? Some have said I was defending Nick and his actions. I’m actually not. It’s not really my place to take a side on this. I just find it incredibly interesting to see the reactions from the guys but also getting to see and hear Andi’s reactions.

You see, the guys are sick of Nick’s antics, but Andi is eating them up. She can’t get enough of this guy and loves how he takes charge and makes their relationship happen. Sneaking to her room, stealing time and kisses, it’s all working exactly as intended. He’s wooing her. Now what I would take exception to is if I felt he was being dishonest with his intentions with Andi and felt he was using her in some way. I don’t feel that way at all. I felt the entire time that Nick’s intentions were true and his feelings were real.

So now it’s up to you to answer the question on if you dislike the way Nick is going about this. When he got back from the group date wearing the rose and riding high the guys went after him. Do you think they have a legitimate beef here or were they just jealous of a guy who had a game plan of trying to get the girl and is executing that plan to perfection? What isn’t up for debate is the fact that Nick is not a popular guy right now. But what also isn’t up for debate is that he loves Andi, she really likes him, and he’s got a hometown date.

Brian and Dylan were sent home, and Nick, Josh, Marcus, and Chris move on to the hometown dates with Andi. I’m not saying this rose ceremony was an easy decision, but I will tell you from here on out it’s brutal. These are four really great guys and every rose ceremony after this will be heartbreaking for Andi and the guy going home. You also saw in the preview that next week is the week where we found out the tragic news that our friend, Eric Hill, had gotten into an accident and had passed away. This happened at the end of the week when Andi was wrapping up her final hometown visit and heading back to Los Angeles. I will warn you: You will see this play out in our lives. It’s raw and emotional, it very much affected all of us, and that’s exactly why we decided to show it to you. Next week you will see it all, and I look forward to discussing it with you then.

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