The Notebook Kiss
Credit: Melissa Moseley

Kissing-in-the-rain scenes are nothing new to film, but the wet smooch in The Notebook is one of the most iconic of its kind. Audiences went nuts for Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling when the film came out in 2004, and the fever has continued through today. The pair’s chemistry is palpable, so much so that they dated in real life. [Note: When they broke up, a little part of me died.] Even today, women everywhere demand the “Notebook kiss” of their boyfriends (or was that just me?).

But the rain kiss in Nick Cassavetes’ romance to end all romance films is not alone. So, in honor of the film’s 10th anniversary, here are some of our favorite kissing-in-the-rain scenes.

5. The Mmm-Hugh-Grant Kiss: Four Weddings and a Funeral

Charles (Hugh Grant) leaves his bride at the altar, realizing he’s in love with another woman, Carrie (Andie MacDowell). “There I was standing there in the church,” Charles says. “For the first time in my whole life I realized I totally and utterly loved one person. And it wasn’t the person standing next to me in the veil, it’s the person standing opposite me now in the rain.” A shell-shocked Carrie responds: “Is it still raining? I hadn’t noticed.” Charles proceeds to tell her he’s loved her from the moment they met, and the happy ending ensues. It doesn’t get much more romantic than this. Charles’ sexy, wet, white shirt didn’t hurt either.

4. The So-Wrong-It’s-Right Kiss: Match Point

Nola (Scarlett Johansson) and Chris (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) both have significant others, and yet they’re drawn to each other. When Chris follows Nola out into a field in the torrential rain, the pair try to resist each other but can’t. They kiss, pause, feeling guilty. Kiss, pause again, try to stop. Kiss, pause a third time. Nola finally says, “We can’t do this.” Famous last words. The pair succumb to their desires. Audience members should be saying, hey guys, cut it out. But instead, the response often ends up closer to: Just do it.

3. The It’s-About-Time Kiss: Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Holly (Audrey Hepburn) and Paul (George Peppard) finally open up to one another, embracing in the rain at the film’s conclusion. The pair make eyes from afar. “Moon River” starts to play. Holly walks toward Paul, her cat, who was lost but now found, in hand. Everyone is soaking wet. Nothing is said, they just start kissing in the rain, the cat between them. This is the dream for cat ladies, and “Moon River,” wow, what a romantic song.

2. The Upside-Down Kiss: Spider-Man

My spidey senses are tingling. Wait for it, yep, Mary Jane (Kirsten Dunst) is about to kiss, Spider-Man (Tobey Maguire), and yep, she’s about to do it while he’s hanging upside down from his web. The Spider-Man kiss is so extraordinary because there’s no other kiss like it. Sure, we’ve seen countless damsel-in-distress scenarios result in a smooch or two, but none with this precise dynamic. The kiss has become part of the series’ iconography, and the downpour contributes tremendously to that, making it extra steamy. Ooh la la.

1. The Mac Daddy Kiss: The Notebook

The Notebook is the reason why we have this list in the first place. Though some of the scenes on our list are arguably more impressive and unique (see Spider-Man), this scene is full of passion. Allie (McAdams) asks first love Noah (Gosling) why he didn’t write to her, telling him that she waited for him for seven years but it’s too late now—it’s over. His response: I wrote to you every day for a year. “It wasn’t over. It still isn’t over.” And then, bam! The kiss we’ve all been waiting for. Don’t feel embarrassed if you watch it on repeat. That’s what I’ve been doing all day (for work, of course).

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